I absolutely love beautiful packaging, so when I spotted this History Of Whoo Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury lipstick I could not help but buying it despite its price of $38


The packaging left me speechless, it so chic and classy. I was expecting to be plastic like other History of Whoo products, but the lipstick packaging is actually metal, so it is heavier than a normal lipstick.

The top is a magnet that you can remove and the little capsule contains a lip brush for touch ups on the go. However, due to its weight, I would not personally carry it around, and the top part can be lost easily as the magnet comes off with not a lop of pressure.



The product is creamy and quite sheer, which I am not fan of. It is buildable, but it leaves the lips feeling heavy if you apply several layers. The red is not an intense red, but a pastel like red, which tends to fade out a bit, and sank into dry patches as you wear it.


Product Claims

These are the product claims as listed on the packaging:

Luxury Lipstick is a premium anti-aging lipstick with elegant classic colors. Luxurious anti-aging lipstick has precious jewels of the ancient palace such as gold, red, and jade, pearl, coral and others.

I can’t say anything about its anti-aging properties, but I can say that it does have some sparkles, though they are not very visible on the lips.


I really wish I could love this lipstick, because of its packaging, but it is really not worth the money. The colour washes off, and it is not a true red. Additionally, it also ends up into the dry patches of your lips, and it is not very long lasting. It’s a nice lipstick overall, but not worth $38.


Ebay ~$37.98

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Product Specs

Brand The History Of Whoo
Name Gongjinhyang Mi Luxury lipstick
Product Type Lipstick
Price ~ $38
Size 3.5 g
Packaging Metal case + Lip brush
Ingredients N/A
Texture Creamy / Sheer
Colour 42 Red



Application 7.5/10
Packaging 10/10
Results 05/10
Ingredients N/A
Wear 04/10
Texture 7.5/10

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